If accepted, this AGREEMENT grants to LICENSEE a license to access the training modules and other products and services, including NADA U FUEL, provided by NADA University Online and its Instructors and other providers on the NADA University Online learning management platform (, subject to the terms and conditions stated herein.


  1. Definitions. As used in this AGREEMENT:
    1. "LICENSEE" means your dealership or organization, as reflected on the NADA ONLINE REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION.
    2. "LICENSED DATA" means the copyrighted training modules and other products and services provided and/or owned by NADA, including proprietary products and services supplied by third party instructors (such as NADA University Online Partners) and other providers that NADA makes available to LICENSEE through NADA University Online, including the online communities that comprise NADA U FUEL. LICENSED DATA includes complimentary products and services as well as any purchased products and services.
    3. "ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION" means the email confirmation sent by NADA to LICENSEE (or authorized user) that includes, but is not limited to: (1) confirmation of the SITE enrollment; (2) NADA University Online ACCESS ID login information; (3) and links and instructions on access to NADA University Online for the Administrator of that SITE. The ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION is incorporated into and made a part of this AGREEMENT.
    4. "PURCHASE CONFIRMATION" means the order invoice or paid receipt email sent by NADA to LICENSEE (or authorized representative) that includes, but is not limited to: (1) the product(s) purchased; (2) service terms for NADA University Online subscribed products; and (3) price and payment terms. For subscription products, LICENSEE agrees to pay NADA monthly in advance, via automated credit card billing, in accordance with the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION. The PURCHASE CONFIRMATION is incorporated into and made a part of this AGREEMENT.
    5. "SITE" means your dealership or organization's physical location, or "rooftop," indicated by the address reflected in the ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION. EACH SITE REQUIRES A SEPARATE AGREEMENT. NADA MAY USE ITS MEMBERSHIP RECORDS OR OTHER INFORMATION TO VERIFY YOUR ENROLLMENT INFORMATION.
    6. "AUTHORIZED USER" means any employee of LICENSEE or CONTRACTED PROFESSIONAL whose business is specific to the SITE, and who has been granted access to NADA University Online by LICENSEE. For this account, LICENSEE is responsible for establishing and maintaining the AUTHORIZED USERS using the MANAGE USERS feature, which LICENSEE may access via NADA University Online. Access to NADA University Online and access to all information contained in or on NADA University Online is strictly limited to the AUTHORIZED USERS.
    7. "CONTRACTED PROFESSIONAL" means any CPA, attorney, financial consultant, or other professional advisor (a) actively working for a current NADA or ATD member who is a LICENSEE (b) whose training would directly benefit their client dealership. The CONTRACTED PROFESSIONAL may access at no charge all LICENSED DATA explicitly provided as NADA and ATD member benefits.
    8. "ACCESS ID" means the username, password, or other information provided by NADA via the ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION or otherwise, that is specific to LICENSEE and/or the SITE, and allows LICENSEE to access NADA University Online and allows LICENSEE to establish and maintain AUTHORIZED USERS. Usernames, password, and other notification information will be generated for the AUTHORIZED USERS by LICENSEE via the MANAGE USERS feature.
  2. License and Authorized Use. NADA grants to LICENSEE a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited use license solely to access NADA University Online, participate in the online learning modules and other training, products and services ( the LICENSED DATA), and to use the LICENSED DATA for LICENSEE'S own internal purposes in LICENSEE'S regular business at the SITE, in accordance with all terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT.
  3. Access to LICENSED DATA. . After LICENSEE has accepted this AGREEMENT and received the ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION, the LICENSEE will have access, via NADA University Online, to the appropriate LICENSED DATA.
  4. Restrictions on Use.
    1. Only the AUTHORIZED USERS may access NADA University Online and/or the LICENSED DATA and only in connection with the normal business needs and activities of the SITE.
    2. LICENSEE shall not:
      1. extract, scrape, transfer, store, or cause or allow anyone else to extract, scrape, transfer, or store LICENSED DATA or data derived from LICENSED DATA, electronically or otherwise; provided that, LICENSEE may print copies of reports designated as downloadable content by NADA University Online;
      2. share, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise supply access to NADA University Online or the ACCESS ID to any party who is not an AUTHORIZED USER (including, but not limited to any other employees or CONTRACTED PROFESSIONALS of LICENSEE whose business is not related to the SITE);
      3. market, resell, sublicense, publish, distribute, or otherwise disseminate the LICENSED DATA, or use the LICENSED DATA in a commercial operation;
      4. work around, deactivate, disable, or make unworkable, any of the technical or other limitations placed into NADA University Online;
      5. modify, delete, or obscure any copyright notices or labels on or in NADA University Online;
      6. brand NADA University Online, including any data taken or derived from NADA University Online, as your own or declare your own copyright on NADA University Online;
      7. reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works based on NADA University Online or the LICENSED DATA;
      8. imply that NADA University Online endorses your own work or use any NADA University Online or other NADA titles, trademarks, labels, or logos in your own titles, product names, service names, or domain names.
      9. integrate NADA University Online within another application without the express written permission of NADA, or incorporate NADA University Online as a window within another application.
  5. Term and Termination.
    1. The TERM of this AGREEMENT begins on the date the ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION is sent to LICENSEE. The TERM will continue, unless otherwise terminated, in accordance with the continued membership with NADA and the length of any purchased subscription.
    2. NADA may, in its sole discretion, terminate this AGREEMENT and/or may restrict or cancel LICENSEE'S access to NADA University Online (1) at any time due to non-payment; (2) at any time upon thirty (30) days notice, or; (3) immediately upon discovery that LICENSEE has violated any of the LICENSEE Warranties or other restrictions on use in this AGREEMENT.
  6. Undertakings. You undertake to ensure that, prior to use of NADA University Online by your AUTHORIZED USERS, the AUTHORIZED USERS are notified of this license and the terms of this AGREEMENT, including, but not limited to the restrictions on access to NADA University Online and the prohibition against sharing their ACCESS ID with anyone other than the AUTHORIZED USERS.
  7. Audit rights. LICENSEE understands and agrees that NADA has the right to monitor LICENSEE'S use of and access to NADA University Online, and that NADA may, at its sole discretion inspect and audit LICENSEE'S use of and access to NADA University Online. Upon request from NADA, LICENSEE agrees to provide access to and information about its systems and its NADA University Online usage in connection with any such inspection or audit. If any violations of the restrictions in this AGREEMENT regarding access to NADA University Online or use of the LICENSED DATA are discovered: (1) NADA will notify LICENSEE; (2) LICENSEE agrees to immediately cease such unauthorized use, and (3) LICENSEE will immediately pay any and all additional charges or fees associated with such unauthorized use.
  8. Data Storage. LICENSEE understands and agrees that NADA will store AUTHORIZED USER access data and other data from NADA University Online and information contained therein ("USER DATA"), and other data derived from LICENSEE'S use of NADA University Online. LICENSEE shall have the right to access the USER DATA for a period of one year. LICENSEE shall have no ownership, intellectual property, or other rights of any kind in the USER DATA or any other data stored by NADA. NADA reserves the right to restrict the right to access the USER DATA at any time upon written notice.
  10. LICENSEE Warranties.
    1. LICENSEE represents and warrants that the person accepting this AGREEMENT has authority to bind LICENSEE to all terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT.
    2. LICENSEE represents and warrants that access to NADA University Online will not be granted, and that neither the ACCESS ID, nor any of the USER ACCESS IDs established via the MANAGE USERS feature shall be shared with anyone other than the AUTHORIZED USERS.
    3. LICENSEE represents and warrants that all ACCESS IDs will be used only by AUTHORIZED USERS as established via the MANAGE USERS feature.
    4. LICENSEE represents and warrants that only current employees or CONTRACTED PROFESSIONALS conducting business currently related to the SITE will be designated as ACTIVE AUTHORIZED USERS.
    5. LICENSEE represents and warrants that LICENSEE has satisfied all requirements in state and local law relevant to any use by LICENSEE of the training modules and other products and services provided by NADA University Online, and any use by LICENSEE of the associated USER DATA for each employee or CONTRACTED PROFESSIONAL, including but not limited to any requirements that LICENSEE obtain authorization from an employee or CONTRACTED PROFESSIONAL before the disclosure and use of that individual's training records.
  11. Limitation of liability; Indemnity.
    1. NADA assumes no liability for LICENSEE'S use of the LICENSED DATA, nor will NADA be liable in the event LICENSED DATA is unavailable due to network or server outage, transmission failure or other systems failure. Further, NADA will not be liable for damages caused by viruses of any kind.
    2. In no event will NADA be liable to LICENSEE or third parties for incidental or consequential damages including, without limitation, lost profits, or indirect or special damages, even if NADA was aware of the possibility of such damages. NADA's liability hereunder will in no case exceed any charges paid by LICENSEE under this AGREEMENT for the TERM during which such claim accrues.
    3. LICENSEE agrees to indemnify NADA against any claim, liability, damages, cost, or expense arising from or relating to LICENSEE'S use of NADA University Online or the LICENSED DATA.
    4. NADA University Online (and/or ) may contain links to other websites, web-pages, and services ("SITES") operated by other entities or companies, and LICENSEE'S use of such SITES is subject to the Terms and Conditions and other terms and guidelines, if any, contained within such given SITE, or existing in a separate agreement between LICENSEE and that third party. LICENSEE is solely responsible for compliance with such terms and conditions. NADA disclaims all liability for the content and/or materials available on such other SITES.
  12. Payment and Charges. Where applicable, LICENSEE agrees to pay to NADA the amount due as specified in PURCHASE CONFIRMATION, which NADA will email to LICENSEE. If payment is not made according to the terms of the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION, LICENSEE agrees and understands that access to NADA University Online and the LICENSED DATA may be terminated without discharging the payment obligation.
  13. Trademarks. Nothing in this Agreement shall give LICENSEE any interest or license in any trademark, logo, or trade name owned or licensed by NADA University Online, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), or the third party instructors and other providers that provide content for NADA University Online. LICENSEE agrees to refrain from using these trademarks without the express written approval of the holder of such trademarks.
  14. Governing Law. This AGREEMENT is construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  15. Integration and Severance. This AGREEMENT and the ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION constitute the full and complete understanding of the parties and may not be altered or modified except by written agreement. In the event of any conflict between the ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION and this AGREEMENT, the terms of this AGREEMENT shall prevail. If any provision of this AGREEMENT is found invalid or unenforceable, all remaining provisions of this AGREEMENT will remain in full force and effect.

Clicking "Agreed and Accepted" indicates LICENSEE'S assent to be legally bound by all terms and conditions.